2022 Recap/2023 Planning Quilting & Stitching


I am joining the #2023PlanningParty hosted by Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl. Like many quilt bloggers, a main motivation for blogging about my quilting has been to have an ongoing journal about my quilting journey. I did not expect to make so many friends online who share my passion and that has been incredibly rewarding. At this time of year I like to take the opportunity to revisit my goals for the year and to refine my goals for the coming year. For 2022 I wrote two posts about my quilting goals: 2021 Review and 2022 Plans and 2022 Mid-Year Check-in.

Quilting My Life (and my Step-Daughter’s and Step-Son’s!)

Over the past year I have participated in Kitty Wilkin’s Quilt Your Life Crew which has open enrollment for anyone interested. The support and comradery through Zoom meetings has been so valuable as has the encouragement to not feel guilty if we decide to postpone or even abandon that project. Early in the year I realized that I was in over my head making three temperature quilts along with a quilt to document my rides on my Peloton bike. I completed one of the blocks and still may turn it into a mini quilt at some point, but I decided to celebrate my consistency in riding my Peloton bike in a different way. Through the first half of 2022, I had a very attainable goal of riding my Peloton at least 10 minutes daily or if I was out of town and couldn’t use a different fitness bike, I would do 10 minutes of other intentional exercise. In July I bumped up the minimum to 15 minutes. I’m happy to report that with the exception of four missed days this year that were related to illness or minor surgery, I have met my minimum exercise goals. To that end I decided to reward myself with purchasing a suncatcher from Anita at the Etsy Shop Crazy About Glass at the end of each month. The photo below shows suncatchers purchased through the end of October.

Suncatchers with Ornaments

As far as my temperature quilts, I am thrilled to be at the 11th hour. I still make flying geese units almost daily which helps me feel more in control of the massive effort involved in making three different temperature quilts. Please read my Oct 2022 One Monthly Goal Finish post for photos info about these quilts.

Donation Quilt

I decided to turn an old Work-in-Progress from 2019 into a donation quilt in 2022. It is the Treasure Hunt quilt, and I had Bee Hive members make scrappy blocks that for this quilt. I ended up donating this quilt to a professor of mine from grad school who lost everything in a wildfire in May. Read more about this quilt here.


Round Robin Quilts

One of the most satisfying quilts I worked on this past year was my Blue Dog Quilt for the Stay at Home Round Robin 2022 (SAHRR2022) hosted by Quilting Gail. I had so much fun making this quilt that I made a similar one in red/black/grey for my stepson in honor of his dog, Sushi. Read about both these quilts here.

Color Gradient Quilts

I was on a roll this year making throw-size color gradient quilts which are truly my quilting jam. The quilts below are as follows: First row from left to right: Lumen, Offset Gradients, and Offset Gradients.

Second row from left to right: Murmuration, Nene, and Color Gradient Strip Quilt.

Swatch Pages in my Quilter’s Planner 2022

For three of the projects above, I created Project Planner/swatch pages in my Quilter’s Planner 2022. This is the one for Lumen:

Lumen swatches

Here’s the Project Planner and swatch page for Break of Day:

Break of Day swatches

Here’s the Project Planner and swatch page for Break of Day:

Murmuration swatches

I Spy Quilt

Below is the I Spy Quilt I made for Lucy, my friend Kristen’s daughter, to celebrate her first birthday.


Quilt As You Go Class

In August 2022 I took a Quilt as You Go class in at Santa Fe Quilting. I learned two QAYG methods: traditional QAYG which involves hand-stitching on the front which didn’t really interest me. The second method from the book Quilt as You Go Handbook by Pauline Rogers is called Between the Blocks. I liked this one a lot better because it is machine stitched on both sides. Below is my completed class sample. I hope to use this quilting method with a project or two next year.

QAYG table topper with Fabric travel mug

Small Projects

Below are some of the small projects that I completed in 2022. In the first row from left to right is a Ukraine Sunflower placemat, Herringbone Placemats, and Wonky Star Pillow. In the second row, a set of Christmas coasters, five Sew Tiny pine tree ornaments, and a a set of five Sashiko coasters.


I worked on a few Sashiko projects this year, but by far my favorite is the Sashiko Daisy Panel. I’m hoping to make it into a pouch in January.

Probables for 2023

  • A paper pieced long quilt to cover my recliner in the living room using a modification of Lee Heinrich’s Chevron Star pattern. I need the quilt to be long (in this case 90″ to accommodate shrinkage from multiple washings).
  • A Quilt Your Life quilt after taking the online Seaglass Quilting Class by Allie with Exhausted Octopus that will involve tracking different kinds of exercise including riding my Peloton bike, strength training, flexibility routines, balance and posture exercises, and days I walk at least 10K steps. I will be able to use some of the time I allotted each day this year to making flying geese for my temperature quilts in an intentional way to improve my health.
  • A Mosaic Story Quilt, pattern by Amy Friend at During Quiet Time
  • A camping quilt for my niece, Kim, most likely using the Ripples block from when I participated in the Bee Hive a few years ago. The last time I made this block was for Roseanne when she was the Queen Bee (see these cute Christmas Ripples blocks here).
  • Participate in Quilting Gail’s SAHRR2023
  • Make a donation quilt. I’m leaning toward making a 14″ x17″ quilt for Jack’s Basket. I have some adorable zebra fabric that would make a cute and fast basket quilt.
  • Make a beach-themed economy block quilt for my friend, Annette’s 60th birthday
  • Finish my Sashiko Daisy Pouch

Possibilities for 2023

  • I can’t believe that I’m actually considering this, but I might make another temperature quilt. Julie with Jaybird Quilts has a tempting offer to participate in her Jaybird Quilts 2023 Temperature Quilt Sew-Along. It is a flat rate of $24 until 1/1/23 and the striking braided design with the black background really appeals to me. (Though the design is totally different, to me it has a quasi-similar vibe to Sarah Schreiner’s Gorgeous 2020 Temperature Quilt.) I have both the Hex N More and the Sidekick rulers, and I have a good stash of Kaleidoscope fabrics that I could use. The only thing I know for sure if I join this sew-along is that I will only make ONE temp quilt and I won’t worry about getting units made on a daily basis.
  • I’ve really been enjoying reading posts about Lone Star Quilts on the Island Batik Lone Star Blog Hop. And hands down my favorite Lone Star is the one on Emily’s jacket featured on her The Darling Dogwood post. The Lone Star quilt that has been on my quilty bucket list for awhile is the Luminary Quilt, and if I make it, I plan to use scraps from my Alison Glass fabric stash.
  • Make a Colorburst mini quilt, pattern by Sassafras Lane.
  • A Christmas quilt for my bestie, Mary, pattern to be determined.
  • Some other small Christmas projects like table runners, mini quilts, and more Sew Tiny ornaments.
  • My cousin, McKenzie, and I each bought the Easy Bargello Quilt Pattern by Busy Hands Quilts and have talked about having another sew-along next year using this pattern. Maybe her mom and grandma might want to join us?
  • Hologram Quilt, pattern and fabric by Christina Cameli (I have already have both!)
  • Harmony and Light Quilt, pattern and fabric by Christina Cameli (I have already these too!).
  • Coffee Sashiko Fukin mat by SashikoLab.

Linking up to #2023PlanningParty.

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6 Responses to 2022 Recap/2023 Planning Quilting & Stitching

  1. Oh my, you took me down a few rabbit trails with your probable/possibles for 2023! What a great post! (You may want to check with Jack’s Basket before you move forward – I heard they are no longer accepting quilts). That temperature quilt is really tempting!


  2. I love that you pivoted from putting pressure on yourself to keep up with 3 temperature quilts and your Peloton quilt and will instead focus next year on a different Quilt Your Life project that picks back up the Peloton thread. I think that was really smart. You look like you have a lot to look forward to next year, and it will be a delight to see what you create!


  3. McKenzie Oliver says:

    I love that you rewarded yourself each month for meeting your goal. Bravo! All of your work is beautiful!


  4. Cocoa Quilts says:

    You have so many great projects accomplished in 2022. I am tempted on that temperature quilt. I need a little something to keep me occupied everyday! Headed out to look closer at a few of your 2023 plans!


  5. Pingback: Weekly Progress Update #175 | Quilting is in my Blood

  6. I like that division of probably and possibly! Fun idea. I’ll have a mystery quilt along next year too, on my list for 2023.


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